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Top 5 Stocks to buy in Chemical Sector in 2021.

Atul Ltd.

Atul Ltd. is India’s first chemical manufacturing company established after independence. It was founded in September 1947 and had been serving relentlessly to clients all around the globe.

This company’s present market capitalisation is Rs.18887.11 crores, which makes it the Best Chemical Shares to buy.

Currently, this share has recovered from its 52 weeks down and is having a good phase. The lowest price in the last 52 weeks was 2923, whereas the highest price recorded was 6443.45.

Investors have always earned a fair amount of profit from this share, along with a dividend of 0.44% according to the holding.

Vinati Organics Ltd.

Incorporated in 1989, Vinati Organics Ltd. deals with the manufacturing of speciality chemical products.

It holds the second position among the 10 Best Chemical Stocks to buy and has a market worth of Rs.10274.61 crores.

The 52 weeks low-high ratio of Vinati Organics shares has caught up with the momentum of the market and is ready for taking a higher leap.

Its 52 weeks low was 651.30, while the highest value in this phase was 1197.70, which is quite impressive.

This share yields a dividend of 0.55%, and investors earn some extra profit through it.

Vinati Organics Ltd. has an excellent reputation in the chemical market, and this will ensure its share draws in more investments in the future.

Deepak Nitrite Ltd.

Deepak Nitrite was established in 1970, and it serves a vast client base dedicatedly. This share is among one of the Most Traded Chemical Shares in India that is widely recommended by trading experts.

This company’s net value in the market is Rs.10254.03 crores, and this figure is increasing steadily as the company is expanding its product portfolio.

The 52 weeks low-high ratio gives a ray of hope to shareholders as this share’s price is growing in good numbers.

In the past 52 weeks, Deepak Nitrite Shares had the lowest price of 267, while the highest value achieved was 824.55, which is more than three times the former.

Stockholders earn a dividend of 0.60% from this investment.

Navin Fluorine International Ltd.

A part of the Padmanabh Mafatlal Group, Navin Fluorine International Ltd., is one of the most prominent chemical manufacturers in this nation.

It has a turnover of a few million dollars every year and is currently the fourth-best stock among the Top 10 Chemical Stocks to buy.

Navin Fluorine International Ltd. has a market capitalisation of Rs.9746.68 crores. The 52 weeks low of this share was 686.10, whereas the 52 weeks high was 2207.10.

This stock has a promising future with some excellent projects lined up and significant investments from top clients worldwide.

It yields a dividend of 0.06% that is divided among shareholders according to their holdings.

Solar Industries India Ltd. – Best Chemical Shares in India

Solar Industries India Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of explosives and explosion conducting devices.

It was established in 1983 and has occupied a considerable portion of the Indian chemical market in three decades.

This share is considered as one of the Best Chemical Shares to buy as the company has a market worth of Rs.9056.70 crores.

The 52 weeks low of Solar Industries India stocks was 773.05 while the 52 weeks high was 1349, which looks very impressive.

This share yields a dividend of 0.60%, and investors earn some added benefit through this. The company is thriving and attracting big clients from different parts of the world.


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